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Basics of Playing Blackjack

One of the most famous table games played in a casino is blackjack. In playing blackjack, one will discover that it's house edge is merely less than one percent, the lowest of all among table games. A blackjack player who plays the game incorrectly (for example through hunches) will give the house a huge advantage and this should not be the case at all most especially at the casino.

In the blackjack game, the player's decisions while at the table actually have huge effects on the edge of the house. In contrast, other games such as roulette, the house edge does not change and remains at the fixed edge percentage. This is because in such games, the events are independent of each other unlike in blackjack where events are dependent. When a card is dealt, how the remaining cards in the deck is made up changes as well. When big cards are left in the deck, the game favors the player while the small cards will favor the dealer. The advantage may shift from the player to the dealer and vice-versa when playing blackjack. This shift in advantage gave birth to the idea of card counting. This is a strategy that is used to determine the probability advantage of a player. It almost exclusively refers to tracking the ratio of high cards versus the low cards especially when playing blackjack. A player who knows card counting knows when to bet more and when to bet less depending on who has the advantage between the player and the dealer at the casino.

The game of blackjack has a fixed set of rules which the dealer at the casino or anywhere must follow. To get the full experience when playing blackjack, one must know and have a basic strategy. Having such will help a blackjack player decide on how to play the cards at hand through a stand, a hit, a double or a split for a better chance at winning when playing blackjack. A player's goal in the game is to beat the dealer and at the same time not to go beyond or over twenty-one. As much as possible, the player should be as far away from twenty-one while playing blackjack. When the dealer and the player both bust, the hand of the player loses. Thus, one must know how to play the hand strategically so that the chances of winning will be to the player's favor.

This blackjack game is a fun casino table game. The low house advantage while playing blackjack makes winning against the dealer more probable than other table games in casinos as long as it is played correctly and strategically. With practice, experience and a little effort, one can shift the chances of winning to his advantage in this card game.